Choreographing math+physics

A couple excerpts of past choreographic explorations guided by the mathematical intuition for spacetime, and how bodies move through it.

Relativity Related

Choreography, costume design, lighting, and sound mixing by me.
Dancers Charlotte Cain, Munia Djungu-Sungu, Janeyce Guerrier, Millina Fletcher, Klara Spassov, Elizabeth Beeraj

Exploring Einstein's theory of special relativity beyond the standard picture of a ball on a cloth. What does it mean for our own relation to space and other bodies, our own centres of gravity?

Algo-Rythm (Solo)

Choreography, costume design, and lighting by me.
Music Pierre-Luc ClémentDancer Mathilde Papillon

Exploring my embodied experience of Rudolf von Laban's fours efforts for human motion, which span all possible intention in movement. These efforts later became central to my research on embodied intuition in physics.